Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus in Holmes Beach, Florida

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The first place is a very interesting one. Maybe not for every person, but surely for people who like to try something new and learn about food from European countries.

Last Friday I had after a while dinner again at the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus in Holmes Beach, Florida. After moving from Germany to Florida I sometimes  we like to eat German food which we do not cook at home. But finding a good German restaurant is not an easy task.
The Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus offers a cozy German style bar with about 10 seats. This is the place within the restaurant where in Germany the social life is happening. Not only does it look good, feels cozy, but also gives you the opportunity to speak with the German owners while having a cold original German beer.  The German style decorated restaurant area with about 12 tables is also nicely decorated, giving you a little bit of a sense of being in a German Gasthaus. What is really interesting is, that the tables are all different and they have all kinds of chairs to go with it. Seating 2 or up to 12 guests.

They play German music. Sitting there and having dinner with a good cold beer always gives me the feeling of the homeland.
It is a higher priced restaurant, but you get what you pay for. They offer authentic German food, i. e. different kind of Schnitzel (Pork, Chicken or Veal), Sauerbraten, Roast pork, Potato Pancakes, Rouladen, Gulasch, German brats and more.
My all time favorite is the pork knuckle. It has a great crust and taste absolutely fabulous. I ate a lot of pork knuckles in Germany, but Brigitte and Wolfgang, the owners of the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus, make the best I ever had. They offer it only on weekends and you have to order it in advance because they cook it fresh. You have to go try it! It comes with dumplings and Sauerkraut and is as original as can be.
Everything I tried so far was delicious and fresh. The food comes always nicely arranged on the plates. Even though the portions at times do not look huge, they are plenty enough to fill you up.
They do not offer liqueur. But, they have a great variety of German draft beer and Bocksbeutel wine from an area in Northern Bavaria. I love the Octoberfest beer and the Köstrittzer Schwarzbier, which compliments the the food best .

The Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus to me is the perfect place  for authentic cooked German food and atmosphere. I love to go there. Because of it is in a  higher price range I sometimes go there only for a good German beer or two. The German owners and their employees are always friendly, it does not matter how much you order. This is very positive. So you have the opportunity to try something on the bar when you are in the area.
They are very busy. You better make a reservation to make sure you get a table, at least on  weekends that is a good idea. Even in off season weekends might be so busy, that you do not get a table easily. So better safe than sorry.

There hours are 5pm - 9 pm Tuesday through Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday. In season they are also open on Mondays. Parking is free and always available in front of the restaurant.

I can recommend this place if you love to eat German food or if you would like to try it for the first time and are looking for a restaurant with nice and friendly atmosphere.

It is a simple place which earned its reputation not for fantastic furniture, marble in bathrooms or whatever, but for authentic, great tasting food, original cold beer and friendly German style service. The Old Hamburg Schnitzlehaus in Holmes Beach, a good place to go.


Anna Maria Island Centre, 3246 East Bay Drive (Manatee Avenue), Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, FL 34217
Phone 941-778-1320

After you went there one time , you might have an appetite for German food more often. 
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