Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yummy House in Sarasota, FL - Short review about Chinese restaurant Yummy House

Yummy House - 3232 N Tamiami Trl, Sarasota · (941) 351-1688

We like to explore new place. The problem is , here is too many of them. Also , there is not always time and sometimes we can not go because of special food plans or diets. That is exactly what happened in the past 6 weeks. But luckily we took some time off and went out a few times.

I begin with last Sunday.  We love Chinese food. Friends of us heard that and told us that the Yummy House in Sarasota is a very good place to go.

So we decided to go there and check it out. Getting there was pretty easy. The Yummy House in Sarasota is located on Tamiami Trail. So you can not miss it when going South ( on the left ) or going North ( on the right).

Arriving there the parking lot was full, which I liked. A good indication that  people like the food and service. It did not look so special from the outside, so my expectations were not set very high.

Stepping inside that all changed. We were greeted by a hostess and asked where we want to sit. There was a table close to the entrance with a good view . We asked for it and got it.

The place is nicely furnished and for the first time I realized it is not a buffet. I liked it. Nice table decoration, nice flooring and lighting. Also a good looking bar. The open concept was very appealing and inviting. I felt comfortable. As a matter of fact, for a Chinese place here in the US in an not upscale area, it was very nice indeed.

Here are two photos from the inside:


Bar area of the Yummy House                View from area by the bathroom towards front

Took only a minute and the server introduced herself to us. We ordered water at first and they brought us the menu and what a large menu it was. Tons of items on there. But well organized I must say.

Since we have never been there we needed some advice. We asked one of the servers passing by. I guess the new girl figured she can not give us all the help we need and so we asked this gentleman for the signature dishes and what he recommends.

The answer was long but informative.

We selected two appetizers. Egg Rolls and Pan Fried Dumplings. While waiting for those the server came back and asked if I would like anything else to drink. I asked about Chinese beer and got a selection of which I picked one which I did not know. ( forgot the name , but starts with A…). The beer and the appetizer came almost at the same time.

Took a sip of the beer and very much liked it. The Egg Rolls were not that great. Small with hardly anything in them and not exactly crispy. Even with the hot oil I asked for they did not improve much.

The dumplings were excellent. Nice taste and the dipping sauce was just right. Good stuff there.

When we were done we ordered the main dishes. We decided to go with the Hongkong Noodles and the Mongolian Beef ( both were suggested by the server).

Honkong Noodles

Mongolian Beef

It did not take long and  we got our food. I saw we did not get rice so I asked for it and  after  deciding between cup and bowl, server brought it out.

Mongolian beef was very good. The beef was of good quality and  there was plenty of it . Good taste and great seasoning. I liked the Hongkong Noodles, however the sauce was a little thick and did not have much taste to it. Both dishes were hot.

The server came by two more times to ask if all is OK and if I needed more beer. We took out time eating and finished pretty much all of it. No box needed.

Asked for the check and got it after a couple minutes. I liked the price as well. about 38 $ for all of it. This was really not bad I must say and we both good plenty of food. Also I should mention that the quality of the meat compared to the buffet style places was much better.

Over all I liked the Yummy House. The food was very good. The service was good and friendly. Prices were reasonable. You will get some good value for the $ you spend.

There is only one thing I did not like. The toilets. The bathroom was not super clean, not well stocked, not well decorated and simply not big enough for a place like that. Not very good. The ladies bathroom was locked and Christiane had to use the men’s bathroom because nobody was able to open it. I found that strange.

We will go back to the Yummy House for sure and have dinner there. Next time we try something else. One more worthy note: I did not have any stomach problems at all after this dinner. That was different than after different buffet places we go to. Although the food there also tastes great, I have problems right after almost every time. I think that also speaks for the quality of the products which are used to cook. 

Have you eaten at the Yummy House in Sarasota or at any of the other locations they have?
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